Africa Project!!

Welcome to Africa project!

Project Africa is a high tech aid project that will use high technology to build up countries poorest areas. Thanks to high technology it is possible to make fast changes in short times..
Most aid project get sooner or later out of money, our project is based on long term operations that will be self financed by mining operations.
We are creating the Africa project right now, first of all to create a management team for to operate the project. Members of the management team need to have possibilities to open up doors for the project so it can enter into different countries and start operations.
Africa project will only enter into countries with democracy and that is not in war with any other country. The countries leaders need to understand that we bring a future for the country without cost for the country. We build up a new infrastructure, manufacturing and economical structures so the country get tax money and can use this money for to operate schools, hospitals, roads, infrastructures.
We have put Dubai as an example: Dubai may be the world fastest growing city in the world. This thanks to a great family that worked hard to create and build up their ideas. How Dubai is built up, with war and killing people or keep them poor and starving?? No, by love for the people, to provide the best for its people and al that live in the city. All in very peacefully way!

Project Africa plan
1. When management team and investors are onboard start negotiations with different African governments, first Democratic Republic of Congo..
2. Geological analyze and reports of the areas, select most suitable areas for mining..
3. Purchase of mining machinery and equipment and transport to the site.
4. Mining preparation and start of mining.
5. Purchase of water mill, energy sources ( solar/wind), GMO plantations and necessary equipment for to construct first part of the infrastructure, transport them to site.
6. Build up first energy sources and water production + GMO plantations.
7. Purchase of 3D printers for house and infrastructure production and transport to site.
8. Use waste from mining site to 3D print new houses and infrastructure.
9. Use mined areas for energy production, build solar / wind energy plant with underground battery deposit to conserve energy.
10. Purchase machinery and technology for to build fabric for manufacturing. Manufacturing examples: solar panels, wind energy, batteries, textile, cars, communication and more. It is possible that big part of the production is made with robots and automatic production lines. This for to generate as fast and much money to the country as possible so the country can operate: hospitals, infrastructure, schools, and take care of the people in the country.
11. Manufacturing will belong to Africa project for to secure that non of fabrics or technology is used for to make war or war equipment.
Investors get fast brake even: 12 months. Investors do not invest in Africa, they invest in the equipment that will be transported to Africa. Basically investors invest only in the mining requirement because mining produce the rest of the funds. Prime target is that investors get their money back as soon as possible.
We have the technology in place. What we need now is people to the management board. We need funding for the project..
Some basic numbers. World biggest miner produce: 1 200 000 000 USD value of Diamonds per day. On this we need to put gold and other metals that the mining machinery produce. This calculation is based on 8 hours operation during 5 days a week. It may affect on the world diamond market price, but the project will still be profitable. See more with videos on Africa Project page..